Born: 17/11/1928

Deceased: 22/10/2005

The painter and object artist Armand Pierre Fernandez re-named himself Arman by omitting the last letter of his first name. Together with Parisian artists (such as Yves Klein) he founded the group ‘Les Nouveaux Réalistes’ in 1960. He naturalised as an American citizen in 1972 and lived in the USA and France. His fame derives from so-called accumulations. For these he packed different objects of similar kind into boxes and sealed them up with synthetic resin or plastic glue. He also used contents of waste paper baskets or bins for his objects. His works have been shown at the Venice Biennale, the Paris Biennale, the documenta III, IV and VI in Kassel, and the world exhibition in Osaka.


Empreintes de violonNo TitleNo TitleSqueezed blue fiddle

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