Beuys Joseph

Born: 12/05/1921

Deceased: 23/01/1986

Nationality: German

The performance artist, drawer, sculptor and professor of arts Joseph Beuys ranks among the leading and style-defining artist of the second half of the 20th century. He left a legacy of comprehensive works and a throng of enthusiastic students, which incorporated his interpretations of art into their works. Beuys was an artist in the wider sense of the word. He mingled in politics, considered socio-philosophical, humanist and scientific questions, always searching for a homogenous, comprehensive art term. He created utilising materials such as fat and felt, and annoyed his audience with his actions and happenings. His drawings, more often than not very delicately drawn, were partly based on everyday life.


Blutender Hirsch auf SchädelIphigenieSuite Schwurhand: Die MaterieThe Table

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