Dalí Salvador

Born: 11/05/1904

Deceased: 23/01/1989

Nationality: spanish

The Spanish artist Salvador Dali, in full Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marchés de Púbol, was a painter, sculptor, graphic artist, author and scene designer. He is the biggest and most prominent surreal painter of modern times. His personal style, including surprising pictorial statements from the world of the irrational and subconscious, and his mastery of the classic manner of painting and his eccentric way of life brought him renown the world over. Dalí’s life with his muse Gala, which inspired him artistically, acted as a model for him, and took care of the marketing of his works, made him one of the most prosperous artists of his era and allowed him a life in luxury without any artistic or private restrictions.


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