Ernst Max

Born: 02/04/1891

Deceased: 01/04/1976

The painter, sculptor and collage artist Max Ernst, born as a German in the Rhineland, naturalised as an American citizen in 1948, and as a French citizen ten years later. As a painter, Max Ernst is an autodidact. He studied philosophy, psychology and history of art before beginning to paint professionally and becoming one of the most important artists of Surrealism and Dadaism. Through his revolutionary ideas and extraordinary ways of working, Max Ernst renewed painting in the 20th century. His sponsor and third wife Peggy Guggenheim helped him realise his visions. The list of international honours is long. The Venice Biennale, the Guggenheim Museum and four appearances at the documenta are part of the highlights of his artistic craft.


Affiche pour La Hune IIInvitation au voyageNo TitlePour Lewis Carroll 1971, Zu: Nummer 17 der ZeitschriftRythmesZu: Robert Lebel, L'oiseau caramelZu: Robert Lebel, L'Oiseau caramelZu: Robert Lebel, L'oiseau caramel

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