Hundertwasser Friedensreich

Born: 15/12/1928

Deceased: 19/02/2000

Nationality: austrian

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (originally Friedrich Stowasser) was born in Vienna and died of heart failure on board the Queen Elisabeth. He became one of Austria’s most renowned and most discussed modern artists. In his art he loved spirals and organic forms in strong, lively colours. The Viennese artists Gustav Klimt and Otto Schiele inspired his works. As an architect he fought against the monotony of designs and worked on numerous architectural projects in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, California, Japan and New Zealand. Vibrant colours, round designs, uneven windows, gilded onion-domed spires and planted roof surface areas are characteristic of his architectural works. Formally he came close the style defined by Antonio Gaudi. Hundertwasser was furthermore actively engaged in environmental activism and, as an individualist, led a consequent and anti-authoritarian lifestyle.


10002 Nights, Homo Humus, Come va, How do you doGood Morning City

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