Poliakoff Serge

Born: 27/12/1899

Deceased: 12/10/1969

The painter Serge Poliakoff, born in Moscow, fled from his parental home during the turmoil the October Revolution and adventurously made for Paris, where he would spend most of his life. He is considered a major representative of the Parisian School. Through Kandinsky he found abstract painting, Sonia and Robert Delaunay influence his style and colouring. His paintings particularly impress through the harmony and intensity of his colour compositions and the contrasting effects of his juxtaposed colour fields. Poliakoff’s works form part of the portfolios of important museums. He took part in the documenta II and III.


Composition in blue and greenComposition in blue, red and blackComposition in blue, red, yellow and greenComposition in PinkPre-Print to

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