Rauschenberg Robert

Born: 22/10/1925

Deceased: 12/05/2008

The Texan painter, graphic artist and object artist Robert Milton Ernest Rauschenbert was a pioneer and idea generator of the pop art. He integrated objects of day-to-day life into his works, aiming at combining the reality of life and the reality of art. His painting, combined with objects, hence becomes three-dimensional and creates a connection between painting and sculpture. He found his inspiration in the Dadaism of the 1920s and the actions of Josef Beuys. Robert Rauschenberg took art in the documenta II, III, IV and VI and received the “Praemium Imperiale” awarded by the Japanese Kaiserhaus. This award is also known as the “Nobel Prize of Art”.


L.A. Uncovered Nr. 10

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